System Test One
An eccentric fire alarm inspector embarks on a project to create the world’s first sentient fire alarm control panel.

The Fire Alarm Guru
The experiment was a success! Sparky must now figure out his next steps, and who better to ask for advice than Professor Fire Alarm himself?

Sparky Gets Grounded
The abandoned Almsridge Hospital has been the subject of many local conspiracy theories, but that won’t stop Sparky from going there for some fire alarm archaeology.

The Dynamic Duo
After landing himself in the hospital, Sparky teams up with a new ally to uncover the source of some unusual fire alarm activity.

Looming Naughties Confirmed
After the incident at the hospital, Sparky heads to the old library to search for answers about that mysterious symbol.

Panic at the Terminal Discotheque
Recklessness leads to casualties as Sparky’s date night is turned upside down. Will he make it out alive?